Literacy 3D

Literacy 3D is an evidence-based intervention for preschools that wish to boost the literacy focus of teachers in the classroom using the CIRCLE observational measure (Greenwood, Abbott, Beecher, Atwater, & Petersen, 2018).  It offers schools a pathway to strengthen Tier 1 instruction thereby leading to improved Early Literacy outcomes for all children, including those with disabilities, through Data Driven Decisions, the three D’s in Literacy 3D (Greenwood et al., 2018).

Literacy 3D employs procedures that support classroom literacy implementation, including didactic Professional Development and practice-based teacher Coaching.

Other Literacy 3D procedures include children’s instructional supports in the form of evidence based instructional strategies that are compatible with existing curriculum (see Coaching), as well as data-based decision making informed by CIRCLE (Abbott, Beecher, Petersen, Greenwood, & Atwater, 2015, September).

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