COVID-19 Support Resources

During this challenging time when parents have been drafted to be teachers at home, and special education services may be limited or have been discontinued, many families are struggling to find ways to support their children’s academic and developmental growth. Below are some of the resources developed by Juniper Gardens researchers that may help you support your child’s growth and learning (and sanity) during this unprecedented time.

OASIS Distance Training for Parents of Children with Autism
OASIS uses web-based modules and live telehealth coaching to teach parents how to use evidence-based practices with their child to promote learning and reduce challenging behavior. From the beginning, the training program was designed to be delivered remotely to parents in homes with a broadband internet connection. In addition to training parents, there are also opportunities to train interventionists to become OASIS coaches for families on their caseloads.

Contacts: Linda Heitzmann-Powell, Vanessa Snyder, Jay Buzhardt

Pyramid Resources for Infant-Toddler Social-Emotional Development (PRISM)
PRISM resource library has an array of tools for parents, teachers, and providers for supporting social-emotional development and learning. When visiting the resource page, use the check boxes on the left of the page to select specific types of resources.

Contact: Dr. Kathryn Bigelow

Promoting Communication Tools for Advancing Language in Kids (PC TALK)
PC TALK includes easy-to-use strategies for parents to increase the amount and quality of interactions with their infants and toddlers. The tools available through the website help parents incorporate strategies to support child communication development into their daily activities.

Contacts: Dr. Dale Walker, Dr. Kathryn Bigelow

TeleSCOPE is online occupational therapy support for parents and children. TeleSCOPE combines parent training modules, featured as podcasts, with telehealth coaching sessions. The goal of teleSCOPE is to support parents and children in everyday activities and routines. TeleSCOPE training modules are currently available for potty training and meal time, and more routines are coming soon.

Contacts: Dr. Lauren Little, Dr. Anna Wallisch

I-Connect a FREE self-monitoring mobile app & intervention
I-Connect simplifies the traditional paper and pencil self-monitoring intervention by providing the same opportunity in the form of a mobile app. I-Connect has been successful in classrooms as it keeps students on-task and increases engagement, parents who are homeschooling due to COVID-19 can benefit from I-Connect too! Parents can create accounts for their students by registering as a non-district affiliated mentor in the I-Connect Portal (link below). Self-monitoring locations, questions, and intervals are completely customizable to your child’s needs. I-Connect’s flexibility allows parents to set up monitoring questions for their child to use during virtual learning time, independent homework time, and even chore time! You can even give teachers access to view your students’ progress by signing them up as a Stakeholder. Once you’ve completed setting up your student’s account, they can log into their account on the I-Connect mobile app using the credentials you set for them. Visit the I-Connect website and you will find links to the free I-Connect app download, free training videos, and other free implementation resources.

iOS App Download | Google Play Download | I-Connect Web Portal for registration


General Resources Recommended by The Bridging the Word Gap Network
The Bridging the Word Gap Research Network has put together a list of resources that we think parents may find helpful while sheltering in place. Some of them have hints on what you can do to keep your child active and engaged and keep them learning. Other resources will help you with specific ways of addressing some of the challenges related to COVID-19.

Contact: Dr. Judith Carta