The Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) is an early intervention approach to arranging preschool experiences to solve this problem. It is considered early intervention because changes in instruction are made when evidence indicates a child is not making progress in the core curriculum (Tier 1) experience. Differentiating instruction is the term used to refer to changing a child’s classroom literacy experiences, making them more intensive with greater opportunity to learn. In MTSS, waiting for a child to improve is not an option – we adjust instructional experiences as soon as evidence indicates a child is not making progress.


The Objectives are to:

  • Conceptualize practices that address weaknesses in current practices as reported in the existing preschool intervention research literature
  • Literacy 3D – addressing the weakness in children’s literacy outcomes given existing core Tier 1 instruction experiences with limited teacher literacy focus
  • Literacy 360  – addressing the weakness in our knowledge of what to do for individual children not responding to preschool instruction (Tier 1) and the lack of precision in existing MTSS problem solving
  • Develop, test, and improve potentially effective practices on a pathway to solving these problems
  • Collect, analysze, and report the evidence need to validate the effectiveness, participant satisfaction, and cost of these practices
  • Develop and disseminate professional development strategies that support teacher’s implementation of these practices with fidelity