The Advantages Of CIRCLE

The Advantages Of CIRCLE

The Advantages Of CIRCLE Include:

  • Use by coaches and other early childhood staff to support improvements in the literacy instruction provided by teachers
  • Data that can practically be used to make improvement goals and monitor progress achieving these goals.
  • Information on the percentage of time devoted to literacy overall and within daily activities
  • Information on children’s literacy engagement and other behaviors, including inappropriate behavior
  • Information on a child’s response to the literacy opportunities being provided by the teacher
  • Information over time and observations documenting growth and improvement

Who Are The Intended Users Of CIRCLE?

  • Early Childhood professional staff whose roles include observation and coaching of classroom teachers in the context of evidence-based practice are the intended users. Users in early childhood programs may be coaching staff, early interventionists, early childhood special educators, pre-service teacher trainers/educators, or school psychologists working with classroom teachers.
  • In the research context, users may be researchers and community-based observers or graduate students trained and hired to conduct preschool classroom observations.
  • Other audiences with an interest in using and knowing of CIRCLE findings include administrators and policy makers who benefit using the data to support their positions and views on the approaches to EC services and to confirm that improvements have been made.
  • Audiences who benefit from CIRCLE results include teachers who are the focus of efforts to change and improve classroom instruction and the parents and children who are the beneficiaries of these improvements.

How Has CIRCLE Data Been Used?

  • CIRCLE was used in an evaluation of the Literacy 3D intervention to inform teachers of progress raising the time children experienced Teacher Literacy Focus in the context of Teacher Coaching and as basis for Data-Drive Decision Making.
  • CIRCLE was used to provide information on the extent of literacy instruction provided in typical preschool programs and children’s literacy engagement.

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